Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some very cool words from Fanpop CEO, Dave Lu

Fanpop has been running Husky for a couple of months now and we have been very pleased with their results, and ours with them. Dave Lu, the Co-Founder and CEO of Fanpop had some very nice things to say recently and I thought I'd share. We are very proud of our partnership with them.

"The Husky Platform implementation couldn't have been simpler. We dropped tags into our video templates and they were up and running in no time. It takes less than a day to start seeing new revenues."

"The Husky video interstitials and skins were a perfect complement to our existing display ad inventory because no one else offers as slick and streamlined of an experience. It doesn't disrupt your video playing like pre-rolls or other interstitials and most of the ads actually look really cool.  The premium rates are also right up there as one of our top revenue generating networks, so all in all Fanpop has been very happy with the Husky Platform."

– Dave Lu, CEO/Co-Founder of

Thanks, Dave!

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