Monday, July 21, 2008

Husky is a performance monster!

We've been seeing some amazing click-through rates for Husky Video-Skins and thought we should share what we're seeing.

Since launching about a month ago, we've served 25 million husky ads with average click-through rates of 3%. To put that into perspective, the average click through rate for a standard IAB image ad is .1% (according to DoubleClick's research) - and that's not a typo - there is a point in front of the 1!

Okay, you say, "but what about in-stream video ads? I hear they perform well."According to Doubleclick's same research they do perform well compared to the industry standard .1%, but they clock in at .74% - again, no typo - there is a point in front of the 7.

So what does this mean? It means the video-skins outperform all of these other units by a hefty, scratch that, by a HUSKY margin!

The Husky Video-Skin is a pretty interesting unit. It outperforms other ad units without being an interruption. It doesn't interrupt the video. It doesn't obscure the video (like a lower-third/overlay).

Consumers are happy. Advertisers are happy.

I love it when that happens!

1 comment: said...

Well.... if you only knew the path I've traveled to get to this point. I've had your website bookmarked for nearly one year... I believe. So, I guess I'm surprised to see the "one month" reference in your blog post. In any event... I'm glad your up and running... and the technology looks great.

I'm a one man show trying to succeed against all odds. Watch for medXcentral in your system... I'm signing up to give you a try. I may require a bit of hand-holding though. Talk to you soon.

Congratulations on what looks like a great technology. I love how your ads make plenty of impact while not blocking the focal point of the user's action. Nice.

- Jim