Friday, June 13, 2008

Did you know?

Here's a neat tip.

If any of you are interested in using Heavy video content on your site and you'd rather display a nice image with description text than a video embed - you can. It's a pretty simple hack.

In short, instead of using the "embed" video code and adding class="husky", you use the rss image and text for that video, along with the actual video source from the embed and put it into an "href=". Add the class="husky" in the "href". And you're done.

You can obviously design and template it any way you want - the basics for what you need are there.

I've put together my own example below. Click on the image to launch the video:

The Burly Sports Show

Burly Sports: Nick Goes Nuts! Tempers flare on the Burly Sports when news anchor Nick Stevens realizes the teleprompter doesn't work, but he manages to wrap it smoothly despite technical difficulties.

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